Biography Kazuhiko Takeshima

Kazuhiko Takeshima is the Chairman of the Japan Fair Trade Commission (the JFTC).

Mr. Takeshima was appointed as the Chairman of the JFTC in July 2002 and re-appointed in 2007. Before joining the JFTC, Mr. Takeshima served as the Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary following the Chief Cabinet Counselor for Internal Affairs in Cabinet Secretariat.

Earlier in his career Mr. Takeshima held a position as the Commissioner of the National Tax Agency. He also served as the Deputy Vice Minister for Policy Coordination and the Deputy Director-General of Budget Bureau at the Ministry of Finance. He has over a 35 year-career at the Ministry and other government organizations before joining the JFTC.

Mr. Takeshima holds a B.A. (Economics) degree from the University of Tokyo.