Biography Barbara Baarsma

Prof dr Barbara Baarsma (1969) is director of SEO Economic Research in Amsterdam (SEO) and Professor of Market Forces and Competition Issues at the Faculty of Economics, University of Amsterdam.

SEO carries out independent applied economic research on behalf of the government and the private sector. Research of SEO contributes significantly to the decision-making processes of its clients. SEO was founded in 1949 as a research institute of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Amsterdam to encourage applied research. Since the 1980s it has been legally and financially independent from the university, while retaining close links with the academic community.

Barbara boasts extensive experience in the study of the functioning of markets, having led projects covering such areas as education, the legal professions, the electricity industry, publishing and the market for school textbooks, the telecommunications sector and copyright. She also has headed studies of self-regulation, government regulation and control and quality regulation in the electricity industry. Another area of interest is competition economics. As well as leading projects on the concept of relevant markets, she has contributed to a number confidential delineation studies. She developed a competition test for legislation and researched issues related to market entry, essential facilities, predatory pricing and vertical cooperation. Barbara also advises on competition matters including mergers, cartels, abuse of a dominant position and state aid.

As well as her research work, Barbara is a regular lecturer and guest speaker who leads workshops, acts as a facilitator in decision-making processes and frequently publishes on market forces and competition issues in both academic journals and the popular media.

Besides her work at SEO, Barbara holds a number of positions in supervisory boards of organizations in, among others, insurance, health care and public broadcasting.