Biography Seonghoon Jeon

Seonghoon Jeon is currently the dean of the School of Economics at Sogang University in Seoul, and is serving the Korea Fair Trade Commission as a non-standing commissioner (the KFTC is composed of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, 3 standing commissioners, and 4 non-standing commissioners).

Prof. Jeon graduated from Seoul National University in 1982, and obtained Ph.D in Economics at Yale University in 1991. His major research areas are industrial organization, competition policies, and regulation. He published many theoretical and policy-oriented papers in economics journals such as European Economic Review and International Journal of Industrial Organization.

Prof. Jeon has played active roles in both academic and policy areas. He was the president of Korean Academic Society of Industrial Organization in 2009, and before joining in KFTC on May 2009, he involved in many important merger and abuse-of-dominance cases in Korea as an expert witness for defendants as well as KFTC, e.g., Hite-Jinro, eBay-G market, Intel, etc.